Vincent的老婆 Bellucci媽咪是很公平的

生老大時 懷孕就帶著腹中嬰兒上了封面
到了老二也不例外(生前那張圖找不到 這裡就放生了之後的就好)


才生完小孩五個月 就可以登上男性雜誌的封面

這一對寶貝夫妻 從不被人看好到現在
生活常常不在一起 現在要養兩個小孩

或許最近新推出的 Black Swan能夠先看到

義法兩大美女爭豔的那部片子 或許可借片來養養眼
兩位大美女的個人特質 是少數影迷能夠一直愛的對象

Monica Bellucci still a men's magazine favourite at 46
Monica Bellucci might be nearing 50 but that hasn’t slowed down her sex appeal - she's posed for the new issue of Australia’s Men’s Style magazine.

The 46-year-old looks stunning in a one-piece red swimsuit as she pulls herself out of a pool for the cover shot.

She only gave birth to her second child, Leonie, five months ago but has sprung back into shape for her latest film.

She’s been shooting Italian love story Manual D’Amore 3 with Robert De Niro but off-screen her true love is husband and fellow actor Vincent Cassel.

The couple also have a six-year-old daughter together, Deva, and Monica prides herself on being a family person.

‘I come from a big, strong family and I love to have them around me. And I am certainly Italian in my love of food!

‘I eat everything, but I love Italian food most of all. Even my daughter does. Her favourite food is pasta and parmigiano’, she recently said.


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